About Us

PreschoolersLELC (Lutheran Early Learning Centers) has been in operation since 1997, when a small group of ambitious members of different Lutheran congregations gathered together with an enlightened idea. After attending a LWML workshop they were informed of the high need for child care in the city, and soon the committee was formed and headed by Linda Horton with the plan to create a preschool that would help children experience the love of God.

Within a short time our first preschool location, in Grace Lutheran Church, was holding an open house. After the success of the preschool, the committee received the initiative they needed to continue their work and build a Child Care Center. In 1999, after the hard work and labor of the committee and many volunteers, the Center was ready to open its doors to Mount Royal and surrounding communities.

Since that time, we have expanded both the Child Care and Preschool programs to Martensville in 2005, and the Preschool to Warman. Our third Early Learning and Childcare Center recently opened their doors in the City of Warman on February 2, 2015.

Who We Are

As an organization we provide early learning and care services to approximately 250 families of all cultures, diversities and backgrounds. We are operated by a Board of Directors consisting of parent volunteers, clergy and congregation.

We strive to provide quality care and learning opportunities for our children under the Gospel of Jesus Christ coinciding with the Play and Exploration Curriculum as laid out by the Ministry of Education. At LELC, our cognitive and cooperative programs are focused to teach children excellent learning and socializing skills that will help them throughout life. We strive to follow a well rounded curriculum of Secular and Christian based learning activities to build a solid foundation for your child’s education.

Our educators seek the most updated and renewed early learning professional development opportunities to strive for the best quality care for your children. The newly developed and researched Play and Exploration program helps educators create a holistic learning environment for your child grow and develop basic life and school readiness skills.

To further nurture their development, we cook our meals onsite ensuring your child receives healthy balanced meals based on Canada’s Food Guide.

Our organization offers care for children from the ages 18 months to 12 years. The children are separated into groups depending on their age and development. Group sizes range from 5 to 15 children in accordance with regulated staff to child ratios. Our smaller group sizes allow educators to develop stronger relationships with each child.