iStock_000017045336SmallAt Lutheran Early Learning Centers, our mission is to nurture and care for children in the development of heart, mind, body and spirit. Children of all faiths and denominations are welcome and we strive to follow a well rounded curriculum of Secular and Christian based learning activities to build a solid foundation for your child’s education. Our objectives are to:

  • Nurture a positive self-image in children; encouraging children to accept and appreciate themselves and others.
  • Enhance the social development of children by encouraging and developing positive, loving relationships and good manners.
  • Enhance the emotional development of children by helping them manage their feelings and express them in a constructive way.
  • Encourage a desire to learn, by fostering thinking processes, and by helping children acquire and use verbal skills.
  • Enhance the physical development of children by promoting balanced and nutritious meals and my developing motor skills through play and activity.
  • Nurture the creative development of children by encouraging the development of new ideas and helping the children express themselves through art.