Preschool Programs

Happy child with painted handsThe preschool program at Lutheran Early Learning Centers is a faith-based program for 3 & 4 year old children.  We strive to provide children the opportunity to learn, in a Christian environment, through a combination of creative play times and structured “circle” times, which are based on daily, weekly or monthly themes developed by observing the interests of the children.

Our objectives for your child are to:

  • Nurture a positive self-concept.  This means encouraging children to accept themselves (and others) as God made and redeemed them – as unique beings.
  • Enhance social development by encouraging and developing positive, loving relationships and good manners.
  • Enhance emotional development by helping them manage their feelings and express them in a constructive way.
  • Enhance physical development by promoting good, balanced nutrition and by developing large and fine motor skills.
  • Nurture creative development in children by encouraging the development of new ideas, helping children express themselves through the various arts, and helping children appreciate the beauty of creation.
  • Reinforce circle time learning through play-based activities.

We will work on various skills such as numbers, letters, cutting, pasting, colors, shapes, matching, rhyming, opposites, sequencing, patterns, and more! We will also reinforce classroom learning through field trips throughout the year.

Preschool Locations

Our Preschool Programs are located in Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.

Saskatoon Grace Lutheran Preschool:

Miss Karen, Teacher

Warman Lutheran Preschool:

Miss Crystal, Teacher

Martensville Lutheran Preschool:

Miss Shaelynn, Teacher

We also offer child care programs which you can learn more about on our Child Care page.